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Enhanced Primary Wastewater Treatment Technology

2014: Invention of new Enhanced Primary Wastewater Treatment Technology to convert wastewater into clean water and clean energy, 2014, Terry L. Wright, ClearCove Systems, Victor, NY

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Improved Breast Imaging

2013: Invention of new system that gives a more precise view of breast tissue using cone-beam computed technology, 2013, Dr. Ruola Ning, University of Rochester. He launched a startup company, Koning Corp., to help take the technology through clinical trials and bring it to the market.

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First Computer Mouse

1981: First Computer Mouse, “Xerox 8010 Star,” invented 1981, Xerox Corporation (Xerox PARC), Palo Alto, CA (Xerox Headquarters was in Rochester, NY at the time)

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First Telecommunications Devices for Deaf

1975: First Telecommunications Devices for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (TDDs or TTYs) and First Local Telephone Relay System for the Deaf developed, 1975, Paul Taylor, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

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First Digital Camera

1975: Invention of First Digital Camera, 1975, Steve Sasson, Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, NY

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First Color Copier

1973: Invention of First Color Copier, 1973, Xerox Corporation, Rochester, NY

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NTID Founded

1966: RIT was selected by the Federal government in 1966 to be the site of the newly founded National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID). NTID admitted its first students in 1968, concurrent with RIT's transition to its Henrietta campus.

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