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From the President of TechRochester

Nicole Mahoney
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Shortly after launching my business, Break The Ice Media, I joined a TechRochester (formerly Digital Rochester) committee to plan the first ever GREAT Awards (Greater Rochester Excellence & Achievements in Technology). Volunteering on the committee for the first GREAT Awards and being able to watch the event develop over the years has been a rewarding and inspiring experience. As I reflect on where TechRochester has been, how the organization has grown and my own personal and professional growth, I am struck by one common thread – progress!.


  1. to move forward or onward in space or time
  2. to advance or develop toward a better, more complete, or more modern state

Moving forward and onward has been a continuous state for TechRochester. Since my first committee meeting until now, we continue to grow and develop as an organization. In 2016, our Board set out to develop a three-year strategic plan and last August at our annual Board retreat, we reviewed that plan, measured our progress and updated it for 2018. We have one of the most dedicated and hardworking Board of Directors in Rochester. We are so devoted to the work that we do, that when we add a new volunteer board member to our ranks, we actually “hire” them – complete with an interview and on-boarding process. Executive Director, Kim Gayloard, is key to the organization’s strength and progress. Her sound guidance, dedication and leadership continues to move TechRochester forward.

It is not hard to see the progress of TechRochester. Given all of the great businesses and technology leaders in our community, we have an endless amount of accomplishments to celebrate at our awards events. With the new developments happening in our City and the focus on the technology industry, there are many businesses who have joined our organization as Corporate Members. Our networking and educational events continue to attract diverse audiences interested in learning and networking with the region’s technology community.

Personally and professionally, TechRochester has helped me and my business progress. I am blessed to be working alongside great professionals to bring educational, networking and celebratory events to the Rochester community. Want to advance yourself personally and professionally? Join TechRochester and become part of the community that keeps Rochester moving forward – on with progress!