Rochester, NY Technological  Innovations and Distinctions, 1825-Present

From its early days as a growing hub along the Erie Canal, Rochester, NY has consistently been a hotbed of global innovation. Future-focused risk-takers made their homes here from the 1800’s onward, building new technologies, spurring progressive social changes, and creating the foundation for today’s vibrant, diverse, fast-moving global economy. For instance, work at Xerox made modern computing and the internet as we know it today possible. Without Kodak’s development of digital photography, you may not have been able to share photos with friends on Instagram. And biological research underway right now at the University of Rochester is powering Google-backed efforts to increase your life expectancy.

As an organization committed to fostering Rochester’s status as a leading technology region now and into the future, Tech Rochester reminds you also to peek at the past to celebrate the myriad ways our community has influenced the world – from the very first automobile patent, to the Kodak camera, to copiers and contact lenses, to next-generation optical technology powering a mission to Mars. Along the way, Rochester innovators figured out how to transform plant cultivation, mass produce marshmallows, lead a movement to secure a woman’s right to vote, and build one of the most successful supermarket chains in the United States. With long-established Fortune 500 companies, an ever-growing technology startup community, a diverse supply chain ecosystem, and leading research universities, Rochester’s future looks brighter than ever.