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TechRochester is a non-profit organization that focuses on bringing technology professionals together within the community. We support professional growth on an individual level, in the hopes that together we can encourage the growth of technology within the Rochester region.

We want to welcome you into a network of experienced technology professionals who are passionate about their work and willing to share their knowledge. Receive invitations to our many events happening throughout the year, and build your own connections within this ever -growing digital career field. Be a part of TechRochester’s efforts to transform Rochester into a top 10 technology region, and a leader in digital and technological practices.

Exploring AI Opportunities Part 2 | DECEMBER 7TH, 2023


This session is centered on Kodak Alaris’ implementation of an AI proof of concept using ChatGPT with the company’s US HR data. The goal of this PoC was to understand the AI infrastructure needed to support Azure OpenAI, Search and Document Intelligence. The Kodak Alaris team will discuss the successes, pitfalls and lessons learned, as well as their future plans.

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