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Year Founded : 2016

Website : Aidoc

Revenue : > $1,000,000

R2i Expectations: Sales, Collaboration partner for research/validation


Established in early 2016, Aidoc is the leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions that support and enhance the impact of radiologist diagnostic power – helping them expedite patient treatment and improve quality of care. The company’s solutions aid radiologists in reducing turnaround time and increasing quality and efficiency by flagging acute anomalies in real time. Radiologists benefit from state-of-the art deep learning technology that is “Always -on”, running behind the scenes and freeing them to focus on the diagnosis itself. Aidoc’s offering is one of the most comprehensive in the field, enabling diagnostic aid to a broad set of pathologies.

Aidoc’s leadership team has a combined level of operational AI experience unprecedented in the healthcare market. Stemming from their individual 10-year tenures as officers in the Israeli Defense Forces intelligence unit, Talpiot – each of the 4 founders brings unique algorithmic, computation, medical and research capabilities to the table, utilizing their expertise to lead the development and deployment of AI solutions with top performance and stability, and at a high velocity. Their technological expertise combined with Aidoc’s three U.S certified on-staff physicians form a unique team that leads the industry both technologically and clinically.

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