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Featured Start Up

Year Founded : 2016

Website : NovaSight

Revenue : between $500,000 & $1,000,000

R2i Expectations: Investment


NovaSight is an eye care startup, developing revolutionary solutions for the assessment and treatment of early vision disorders, using advanced eye-tracking and AI technology. Aiming to prevent pediatric vision loss, our products are specially designed for the unique needs and attention spans of children. The CureSight™ is an eye-tracking based system for lazy eye treatment, intended to replace traditional eye patching therapy. The treatment is carried out using sophisticated real-time 3D image processing algorithms, all while the children watch their favorite programs, social media, and videos in the comfort of their own home. The EyeSwift® system is a comprehensive portable vision assessment device, which accurately and objectively screens for multiple vision impairments within seconds.

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