Technology Woman of the Year Nominee

Kimberly Roberts

Senior Director of Global Operations, EagleView

Kim Roberts is the Senior Director of Global Operations at EagleView where she focuses on driving operational growth and strategic initiatives in the Aerial Survey Marketplace.  With over 15 years of experience in the tech sector, Kim has hands-on experience in both innovative hardware & software as well as developing and leading high performing teams.  Her areas of focus include aircraft maintenance strategy for fixed-wing pistonengine aircraft and installation & troubleshooting logistics for leadingedge cameras systems.  

Prior to moving to Rochester Kim studied at McGill University, and later SUNY Plattsburgh’s Remote Sensing & GIS Laboratory, graduating with a B.A. in 2008.  Her undergraduate work focused on privatized emergency response planning and critical infrastructure data sets. 

In her free time, Kim is an avid skydiver, competing at events like the North American Skydiving Championship, US Nationals, TeXXas 20 Ways, record setting events, and regional Wind Tunnel meets across the US.  She is an active member in the Women’s Skydiving Network and Sisters in Skydiving which promote women’s leadership within the sport.