Technology Woman of the Year Nominee

Morgan Reddy

Director of Marketing, Innovative Solutions

Persistence has carried through in Morgan’s entire life. No matter what, she will always go after her greatest passions, both personally and professionally. Early on in her career, she worked as a Sales Coordinator after graduating from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a degree in Psychology. Morgan found fulfillment in cultivating and maintaining meaningful relationships, so she decided to switch gears to a marketing role in her next career move.

In her success as a Marketing Coordinator, Morgan saw herself as a future marketing leader, and saw further education as a catalyst for her career growth. She received her Master’s of Science in Strategic Marketing from Roberts Weselyan College while working as a Marketing Manager at CaterTrax, the leading enterprise catering software in the United States. Growth is crucial to Morgan’s well-being, and she was ready for a new challenge. With her passion for the Rochester area, Morgan felt a connection to Innovative Solutions and wanted to join the movement of making Rochester the Silicon Valley of the East Coast. In her current role as the Director of Marketing, she feels she is pushed out of her comfort zone every day, helping to develop her as a leader and marketer.

Outside of work, Morgan loves to stay mindful and present. She is a registered yoga instructor and enjoys teaching senior citizens chair yoga and how the practice can truly impact their lives. Getting outside and volunteering with the Junior League of Rochester helps her stay involved with the community, where she can continue to build meaningful relationships with other women. While she loves creating new relationships, Morgan will always make time for her closest friends and family, especially if that means going out to the newest restaurants around the city.