Emerging Technology Professional Woman of the Year Nominee

Sarah Studwell

Operations Program Manager, COE, Eagleview

Sarah Studwell applies her background in GIS, Environmental Science, and Project Management to Eagleview’s Operations team as its newest Program Manager. After building foundational knowledge of EagleView’s products and processes as a Project Manager, she deepened her understanding and refined her leadership skills as Manager of a GIS team. Sarah now focuses on improving operational efficiency and quality throughout the organization, bridging the image collection, data processing, and delivery pipelines 

A strong belief in the influence of workplace culture has motivated Sarah to act as a term president of her company’s Employee Satisfaction Action Council, participate in the company’s inaugural leadership program, and organize a fledgling work volleyball team.

Sarah holds a Bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College in Environmental Geology, where she also cultivated her passion for studying languages and culture. Beginning in 2015, she spent 14 months living in Northern Thailand, studying Thai language, and travelling with her partnerShe has enjoyed residing in the Rochester community as a landlord, home improvement novice, and EagleView employee since her return. 

When Sarah is not untangling workflows in the office, she can be found sleuthing out strange food in new cities, playing volleyball, riding old motorcycles, and hiking with her two dogs.