Emerging Technology Professional Woman of the Year Nominee

Yasmin Mattox

Founder & CEO, Arkatecht

Yasmin Mattox is the founder and CEO of Arkatecht, LLC,a technology company that creates web-based professional advancement tools for working parents. She earned a B.A. in Political Science from Alfred University,and an M.S. in International Studies from St John Fisher College. Yasmin became an entrepreneur after moving to Rochester from the NYC metro area in 2007.She has launched two businesses, Y. Mattox Research and Consulting, in 2012, and Arkatecht, LLC, in 2017.As the principal of Y. Mattox Research and Consulting, Yasmin conducted social science research for international clients. Yasmin started Arkatecht after having an “epiphany”sometime after the birth of her second child, when she experienced post-partum depression and investigated the causes of the debilitating mood disorder.

She initially had an idea for a biofeedback product for postpartum mothers, but tabled that idea after learning that bringing such a product to market would take many years, and cost millions of dollars.The epiphany that gave rise to Arkatecht occurred when Yasmin concluded that an under-addressed cause of postpartum depression in many women stems from their intense conflict between trying to meet family and professional aspirations, “two loves of their lives” – the people they love and the careers they love. Arkatecht helps working parents by using technology to automate some of the critical but time-draining tasks that they need to complete in order to advance their careers,so they don’t abandon their dreams of professional advancement. Arkatecht’s proprietary product, “Atlast,” is a SaaS platform that matches parents with best-fit, field-specific conferences, workshops, and seminars, and then automates the securing of vetted childcare.The Atlast promise to parents is to “…carry the weight of logistics, so you can focus on challenging the world,finally.”

Yasmin and her husband, Jamel, live in Penfield, and have three daughters.