TechRochester Board Member

Robert Poltrino

Skull Diamond and Heart Capital

Director, Marketing & Technology Initiatives

Rob Poltrino is driven by the opportunity to make a difference in the community, and he contributes his time and energy to organizations in our area that are making a positive change. His educational background is in computer technology and electrical engineering, but he began his career in the construction industry managing large-scale building projects from start to finish. As a constant-thinker with a friendly approach to connecting people and organizations, he has recently found his professional passion in working with start-up companies. Many of these companies have an underlying focus on training and preparing the future workforce or leveraging technology to open up opportunities for people in disadvantaged situations.


Rob’s diverse experiences have developed skills and talents that range from being able to disassemble a computer motherboard to planning a landscaping project to developing a comprehensive 5 year strategic plan. Outside of his daily professional responsibilities Rob contributes his time as active board members on TechRochester, The Shore Foundation and WSP Wind Energy. His young family reside in Webster and even though he is not a native Rochesterain, Rob Poltrino is proud to call Rochester his home- and our community is grateful.

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